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Leila A. Fortier, In the Company of Women, Women, Anthology, Vermillion, Poetry, Collection

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Published Works:

 Abstract Quill, The *Featured Artist  Blackberry Vine  Mythia  Phoenix Flower  Rust & Ochre  Tonic Blue   Syzygic Alchemy
 Acoustic Ink-
Feature Poet & Interview

 I Know Who You Are Now
 Offering  Atonement  Monsoon Emotion
 Bhakti Silent Confession
 Asia Literary Review
 The Bangalore Review
 Concubine to the Word
 Barking Sycamores
 Lavender Vertigo
 Parallel and Proximity
 Sensory  Tropics  
 Black & White
 Cat's Eye
 Bone Orchard Poetry Profound Unexplained   Psychosomatic  The Haunting      
 Camel Saloon, The
 Marked  Il Piacere
Japanese Antiquity-

 Carnival   Curtain of Silenced Retina          
 Cave Moon Press
Featured Artist/Poet
 Opiate  Rust & Ochre
Raw Umber in the Rain
 Freudian Slip
 Contemporary World Literature
 Without a Trace
*feat. Dhyano w/ Italian Translatio
 Contemporary World Poetry Journal
 Daivam  Diaphanous
 Divine Apparition
 Illumination  Return to Eden
 Corner Club Press, The
 Ode to Okinawa
 Counterexample Poetics
 Unclaimed  Less  Finite  Escaped  Aposvennytai  
 Crisis Chronicles
 Zero Gravity
 Damazine  Veil          
 Dark Chaos  Probe  Slow Death        
 Delta Women   Beyond Monotony  Conceal  Imen's Moon  Pauses  Solidarity  Woman
 Dirtcakes   India Photography          
 Dirty Chai
 In the Adjacent Room 
 Precipice of the Void p.18
 Diverse Voices Quarterly
 Cover Art Painting-
Raw Umber in the Rain
 Do Hookers Kiss? 
 Consumed  Origami  Possibility  Trespass Vacant Wish
 Do Not Look at the Sun 
 Drinking Ink
 DOPE Magazine
 Dr. Hurley's Snake-Oil Cure
 Dual Coast Magazine
 Blissful Isolation
 Caverns of Sand
 Soft Anonymity
 Earthen Lamp Journal
 The Notion
 Edgar Allan Poet Journal
 The Art of Unknowing
 Einstein's Pocket Watch
 Agape  Infinitely Testified
 Irreversible Devotion
 Transparent  Trinity  
 Electric Monsoon Magazine  Imen's Moon   Numinous        
 Filthy Secret Books Magazine  Inescapable Imprint          
 Final Draft, The
Featured Poet/Artist with Interview
 Poem: Static Connection
Royal Nesting
 Poem: Solarium
Cast Iron Shadow
 Poem: Vertigo
Drenched Garden
 Poem: Capsule
Season on Cobblestone
 Poem: No Longer

 Forty Ounce Bachelors  Thighs          
 FreeFall  Lexica          
 Front Porch Review
 Peoria- Photography
 Island- Photography
 Full Armor Magazine
 Drink  Know This
 G.G. Royale's Picayune
 The Gift
 Gadfly Magazine  Silver Tongue~ Opal Moon  The Art of Disappearing  Uncertain Eternity  Undefined Ecstasy   Vacillate  
 Glassworks  *Art Feature  Painting Emotion  Tonic Blue  Syzygic Alchemy  Vitality of Madness    
 Gloom Cupboard
 Calico Fever
 Guerrilla Pamphlets
 Hazard Cat
 Jabez     *click to enlarge          
 Hothouse Magazine
 Nadine of Lyon
 In My Bed Magazine
 Forbidden Grail  p. 19
 Pheromone  p. 20
 Sumi-e  p. 21
 Incandescent   Secret Altitudes          
 Inclement   Cotton Pollinating          
 Indigo Rising
 Lacuna  Embryo  Deeper Still
 Sadachbia  Legato  
 In the Company of Women *anthology
 Iodine Poetry Journal
Fall/Winter 2014/2015
 Mandolin  p. 32
 Knot Magazine  Daivam  Diaphanous   Divine Apparition  Illumination  Return to Eden  Saguna
 Knot Magazine
 Knotting House Review, The  Sinking          
 Lady Ink  Sagacious          
 Liquid Imagination
 Without a Trace
 Literary Burlesque, The
 Osmosis  Remnants of Lilith
 Literally: Erotic  Epic Erotic  Suran Merging        
 Literary Yard, The
 Audible Secret
 Eternal Evaporation
 Love Is The Law
 Chrysalis  Covet  Silent Equinox
 The Hidden Dimension
 Magic Cat Press  Apricot & Wheat  Cohesion  Fecund  Kiss  Verdant Dream  
 Manatee 2013
 Burning with the Poem
 Dialect without Sound
 Mindful Word, The  Gloveless Venture Soul   Synchro-Destiny  This Moment   Universal  
 Moon Milk Review Gallery
 Featured Artist Showcase
 Moon Washed Kisses
 Moronic Ox Literary Review
 Abstract Emotion
*feat. Imen Bennani
w/ Arabic translation
*feat. Sabine Pascarelli
w/ German translation

 Muscle & Blood
 Tandem- Photography  London- Photography
 Piccadilly- Photography
 Pappankalan- Photography
 Varanasi- Photography
 Mused: Bella Online Literary Review
 Mystic Nebula, The
 Nefarious Ballerina
 Sterling Rise
 New Love Stories
 Elastic- October 2010
Print Issue
Serbian publication *p.12
 Infinitely Testified
 Opium Poetry
 Delusions  Fallen        
 Outwardlink  Dervish          
 Oysters & Chocolate
 Parabola  Refraction          
 Penmen Review, The
 The Taste of Poetry
 Perspective Literary Magazine
 Phantom Kangaroo
 Bleed- watercolor painting
 Pink Panther Magazine
 Imen's Moon- Painting
Issue 7
 Emerge- Painting
Issue 8
 Phoenix Flower-Painting
Issue 9
 Pirene's Fountain
 Moon Over Zabriskie

 Playground Literary Journal
 Barely Perceptible  *p. 27
 The Plebian Rag
 Extinct  Post Traumatic
 Myopic Paradigm
 Waiting  Interrupted  
 Poetry Kanto
 Ode to Okinawa
 Sendai *reprint
 Poetry WTF
 No Sleep
 A Strange Nobody
 Pretend Not to Remember
 Pot Luck Magazine
 Absolve   *p. 29
Winter 2010 issue
 Quite Curious Literature
 Somewhere    *p.71
 Raven Images
 Possibility  Shattered Moment
 Red Lion Sq.
 Red Ochre Lit  Iris in the Snow  Melting Secrets        
 River Journal, The  
*Featured Artist 
 Drenched Garden  Emerge  Monet  Patina Rain  Utopia  
 Sage of Consciousness
 Sarasvati  Drink  Monsoon Emotion  Opened  Soul  Unfathomable Alchemy  
 Sea Stories
 Sea Glass- Photograph
 Perspective- Photograph
 Manzamo- Photograph
 Cloister- Photograph
 Short, Fast, and Deadly
 Shuf Poetry  Anointing Kiss *with audio  Deafening *with audio 
 Involuntary *with audio 
 Silk Road Review
 Social-i Magazine
 Spaces In-between
 Issue III p. 36-37
 Southern Pacific Review  Interlude  Ivory Incineration        
 Asana  Sun Salutation
 The Body, an Ashram
 Washing Dishes
 Subliminal Interiors
 Face- Photograph
 Ink- Photograph
 Lily- Photograph
 Synchronized Chaos
 Abrasions of Artifice
 Alone with the Formula
 Divide  Infinitely Smaller
 No Prison in the Poem
 Third Wednesday
 Incantation   *p. 32
 Torrid  Literature
 On the Intellectual Highbrow
 Feast of Consumption
 Trillium Literary Journal  Abstract Emotion  Embryo  Monsoon Emotion  Numinous   Vermillion  
 Tuck   *Featured Artist  Chakra     Geode     Kundalini     Layers of Potentiality     Synchronicity    
 Understanding Campaign
 Abstract Emotion
 Vagabondage Press:
 Love Notes Anthology
 Like Rain  Orchestra of Your Name        
 Vapid Kitten
 Fragmentation  Her Eyes Hold Sea Water
 Vine Leaves Literary Journal
 Scarlet  p. 40
 The Womb  p. 28
 Visions with Voices
 Nothing Less
 Vox Poetica
 Love Is
 Weird Year
 26 Vertebrae
 Ellipse  Nullo  Solipsist  Vague   
 Whispered Vespers
 Women in Red  Effeminate          
 Woven Tale Press, The
*Featured Artist

 Liquid Literature Series
 The Opiate Collection
 Subliminal Interiors
 Write Room, The
 Between Tongue and Teeth
 Formless  Linger  Symbiosis  Time  
 Writing Tomorrow Magazine
 Impossible Geometry
 ZOUCH Magazine
 Delivered  Auspicious Truth
 *Featured Artist Gallery